HEIF: One image format to rule them all


With the convenience of building a new file format from scratch, learning from the legacy needs, difference, real world deployments, etc., the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) is in position to replace every other image format.

Mass use in the forthcoming macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 could quickly solidify HEIF as the industry standard in record time.

GIF is a 30 year old format. It’s shocking how GIF is the only standard for moving images. Animated PNG support never caught on.

PNG24 changed the internet with alpha transparency, but at the cost of file size.

JPG, a 24 year old format, has really gone as far as it can.

In the [hopefully] new world of HEIF, there will still be a time and place for legacy formats. They won’t go away for a long time. However, it’s good to see a company with clout push future standards.