Alex4D: Free Final Cut Pro X Plugins

A collection of free plugins for Final Cut Pro X from Alex Gollner.
Source: Alex Gollner — Final Cut Pro X Plugins

Looking to extend the features of Final Cut Pro for free?

I have made many free plugins available at and

The Final Cut Pro X community is great. The tools and insight from Allex4D (Alex Gollner) has been invaluable. Personally, Alex walked me through some Motion 5 advanced rigging and publishing at the Lumaforge Faster Together Stage during NAB 2019.

Motion 5 is not an Adobe After Effects replacement. While it can do a lot, it’s really a stealth Final Cut Pro (FCPX) development kit for making effects, generators, transitions, and titles. Since its debut in 2011, Final Cut Pro X with Motion plugins have been more advanced and feature rich than Adobe’s MOGRT files.